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Production Services

Merging Expertise and High-End Technology

Making you a Jetson fan requires a team effort, a philosophy that is part of our company’s culture. Our team analyzes all specifications to make recommendations based off your timeline, production and postal budget. Our experience and ability to enhance non-profit direct mail packages, create retail self-mailers, insert anything that is insert-able, and adapt to ever changing postal regulations is unmatched by any in the industry. As a multi-generational, family-owned business, direct mail is in our dna. If you need a partner that can make a timely decision with you or investment in a project that you have in your sights, Jetson is the choice for you.

Remember we are one of the few Direct Mail Production Companies in the US approved for USPS seamless entry. Because of our premier status with the USPS, we can also utilize the USPS Mail Anywhere program. That allows us to use your permit anywhere in the US and still drop out of our Chicago area facility, so no more paperwork and additional Permit costs. We also have a full handwork, UPS, FedEx, Drop-Ship Fulfillment area for non USPS envelopes or parcels.


Jetson runs the largest, most eclectic, inserting assembly in the United States. Our inserting capabilities range from traditional automation pieces to high craftsmanship pieces. We know how to maximize, tailor, and personalize each project based on your specific marketing requirements.

What We Have

Our wide-range of inserting equipment includes traditional swing-arm and chop inserters, Read/Write Flowmasters, and 19 Pocket Selective Inserters. Our production facility is the powerhouse for direct mail marketing.

What It Does For You

Consider us the innovators of inserting. Regardless of the complexity, we know how to maximize your direct mail marketing efforts by increasing efficiencies, cost-effectively. Ink-jet personalization, label-aire, and affixing add-ons, are just a few options that add enhancement to any inserting process to grab recipient attention.

Packages Per Day: 4,000,000
Sizes: Up to 10 x 1

Selective Inserting

Highly customized inserting services for more complex mailings. We can personalize every direct mail piece through customization in a single-pass with our 19 Pocket Selective Inserters. Whether you're targeting by region, gender, age, or interests, Selective Inserting allows you to get as granular as you need to correctly deliver to your target market.

How It Works

Selective Inserting allows for total customization by utilizing computer and optical scanning technologies. The process intelligently collates and inserts package contents based on individual database records through a small barcode, allowing us to accurately match all products to the recipient data.

What It Does For You

Customization advancements allow marketers to mix multiple demographic and psychographic databases into one package, which maximizes production efficiencies and increases total revenue. Selective Inserting generates USPS recipient saturation, creating a reduction in postage costs and cuts transit times to recipients.

Packages Per Day: 1,000,000
Sizes: Up to 10 x 13

Read/Write or Match Inserting

Advance your direct mail personalization through camera-driven intelligent mailing services.

How It Works

Read text or barcode. Write (inkjet) or Match (pre-variabled pieces) and Insert. It's that simple. Jetson utilizes 2" inkjet heads, creating more opportunities for precise messaging and personalization.

A camera 'reads' a .25" 2D or linear barcode or text on an insert, 'writes' the personalized data with our ink-jet system, 'matches' the data on the pre-addressed envelope, and 'inserts' the personalized piece into the appropriate package. Jetson utilizes 2" inkjet heads, creating more opportunities for precise messaging and personalization.

Common Personalized Data Used: Name, Address, Messaging, Numbers, and other information

Read/Write and Match Inserting allows you to enclose confidential-related direct mail pieces in non-windowed envelopes so recipients feel reassured that their personal information is secure, creating trust in your brand and product.

What It Does For You

Read/Write and Match Inserting allows you to enclose confidential-related direct mail pieces in non-windowed envelopes so recipients feel reassured that their personal information is secure, creating trust in your brand and product.

Packages Per Day: 400,000
Sizes: up to 10 x 13

Chop Inserting

Maximize your envelope capacity by turning multi-sheet insert booklets into individual marketing pieces.

How It Works

Chop Inserting is the perfect solution for mailers with several inserts going into an envelope. Send us inserts as spine booklets (8, 16 or 32 pagers), and let us do the rest.

  • Step 1: Booklets and other inserts are loaded into inserter
  • Step 2: Booklets are fed onto inserting/collating track
  • Step 3: Spine is chopped-off (exposing booklets as individual sheets)
  • Step 4: Inserts, that are not booklet style, are dropped onto chopped inserts
  • Step 5: Inserted into envelope
Good To Know

Jetson can also bypass the chopper chosen inserts. This allows selected pieces to not be chopped. So, you have the choice to send in cut to size, folded and pasted pieces giving you the opportunity to be choosy on what insert goes into what position in the envelope.

What It Does For You

Maximize your end-user marketing efforts by showcasing and selling multiple products or services in a single envelope at a low production cost per piece. For affordable direct marketing solutions, consider partnering-up with other product/service companies to "share postage costs", dropping your postage rates drastically.

Packages Per Day: 200,000
Sizes: up to 6 x 10

Affixing and Gluing

Jetson has the capability to tip, attach, and affix a wide variety of items directly onto your mailer or envelope with fugitive or permanent adhesive, depending on your project specifications. With the ability to open multiple panels, we are able to place add-ons anywhere within the insert, form, or self-mailer. We also have the capability to single pass multiple denomination stamps on envelopes or BREs, as well.

What It Does For You

This popular direct mail solution grabs the intended recipient's attention, creating a sense of urgency to reveal what's inside. Affixing and gluing solutions increase the added-value of your direct mail piece through attention-grabbing call-to-actions.

Perfect Solution For: Roll Affixing, Clean Release, Post-Its, Stamps, and Labels. Product samples, loose enclosures, coupon or entry form pads, magnetic strips, and more
Pieces Produced Per Day: 2,000,000
Label Sizes: up to: 4 x 4

Folded Self-Mailer (FSM) Production

Duplex ink jet with 4” heads, read, pattern glue, plow/buckle fold, plow open, affix, plow close, flip, write with 4"”" head, wafer seal, slit, perf, fugitive glue, apply label or multiple stamps and tray for mail.

What It Does For You

By being able to run many of these services in a single pass we can make your creative self mailers affordable and increase your sales sooner by getting in the mail in little time.

Plastic or Paper Card Affixing

Plastic and paper cards can be affixed onto your mailer with custom glue configurations, allowing markers to dramatically maximize every inch of their direct mail piece by increasing the life of the mailer.

Good To Know

We can affix and ink jet, read write, match, into a pocket, on an angle, and sticking out from the piece to create a more powerful, tangible impact on your direct mail marketing efforts.

Customization Options

When it comes to affixing and gluing, ink-jet personalization is what takes your mailer from ordinary to extraordinary. Ink-jet personalization is compatible with most add-ons, giving your mail piece unique character and demanding recipient attention.

Commonly Affixed Items: Plastic or paper reward/credit cards, product samples, loose enclosures, faux cards, coupon or entry form pads, magnetic strips, and more.
Pieces Produced Per Day: 2,000,000

Pattern Gluing

Pattern Gluing is for the most creative mailers you can think up. It allows you to have not only attention getting mail pieces but also attention keeping pieces.

How It Works

One-up carriers are fed underneath a customized roller pattern made up of small modules. The roller rotates over the cold glue, effortlessly transferring the glue to the direct mail carrier. Another element is affixed onto the carrier, or it is folded over to double the thickness of the mailer.

Customized Options

Get creative by ink-jetting or affixing the areas without glue to create a personalized message or unique reveal when uncovered. Interactive mail pieces combined with powerful sales messages create more attention than standard self-mailers.

Perfect Solution For: Perforated windows, sliders, double thick panels, and more.
Packaged Per Day: 500,000


Let your direct mail do the talking. The ability to have more than one customized piece in an envelope allows you to speak one-on-one with your audience without saying a word. Humanizing your direct mail campaign creates a more personable and attractable approach. This solution reduces production times and eliminates unnecessary added-costs.

What It Does For You

Our 4" 600 x 600 dpi head systems allow us to print on paper, plastic, and laminated cards. With speed and flexibility on your side, Jetson's roll-to-roll laser and bindery capabilities provide you with an array of custom options to choose from that align with your budget and overall bottom-line.

Personalized enhancements work in conjunction with camera driven services, which gives us the ability to convey a more personalized overall aesthetic. Tailored direct mail pieces often increases response rates over traditional non-personalized mailers.

Custom Options: Roll-to-roll laser personalization, bindery
Packaged Per Day: 1,500,000