Jetson Mailers Frequently Asked Questions

Common inquiries regarding process and services offered

Jetson Mailers has been helping companies nationwide implement successful direct marketing initiatives. As a multi-generational, family-owned business, our experience and ability to adapt to marketplace growth allows us to provide personalized answers for most questions or industry-related inquiries.

Why integrated marketing?

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, companies need many different touch points for customer communications. Businesses spend billions of dollars each year on direct mail programs. It is the time-tested way to communicate directly to your target audience at home, at an affordable cost.

With direct mail, you can:

  • Promote interest in a new product or service
  • Generate sales and orders
  • Drive traffic to your business or website
  • Build and increase brand recognition
  • Target a niche audience
  • Conduct a research analysis, including return on investment

What are the benefits?

Direct mail is targeted and focused on your audience. By making it personal, you make potential customers feel welcomed, especially as you appeal to their interests. You reach the right people, and leave the rest alone.

Another advantage of direct mail is flexibility. It can be sent in a variety of formats, including letters, postcards or brochures. You can be creative with colors and graphics, and even offer a free sample of your product.

Direct mail is also cost effective as your message gets to the targeted audience you want to reach. And you can track your results by counting the responses or inquiries it generates.

Is there a future for direct mail?

As long as there are consumers, there will be a need for direct mail. Sixty-seven percent of Americans say mail is more personal than the Internet. Mail is enticing. The trick is getting to know your audience. Targeted messages and simple customer databases and segmentations will get your mail into the hands of people you want to reach.

How can you make it effective?

Simply taking the time to personalize your piece will get results. Communicating directly to your customer drives your message home. Targeting your message and making it relevant to those customers will only reinforce what you are trying to sell.